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about Hotsuma international school

Established in 2008, our school has accepted many students from various countries and played a central roll in Japanese language education in Gifu. Our mission is not only to teach Japanese language but also to develop students' global talent to contribute to Japanese society. We all work together to provide students many opportunities for improving their Japanese language skills and growing as a person.



Japanese Language Education

Our school positively introduce s unique teaching methods while keeping traditional ones. For instance, we use the following methods.

・ICT Education
・Collaborative learning with classmates from various countries
・Inovative curriculum based on theories of language aqcuisition

Students can sophisticate your collaborative skills you must have in society as well as your japanese language skills in our school.

Service and Events

Our school provides the following service.

・Free pick-up from Chubu Centrair International Airport
・Pick up when you go to a hospital
・Sale of rice and vegetables from Gifu
・Help to subscribe to mobile phone service, open a bank account, and resister your residency

Also, we hold events like a short trip once every three month. You can enjoy the following events.

・Kyoto trip
・Nara Trip
・World Heritage “Shirakawa-Go”
・Nikko Edo-Mura
・Swimming in the sea
・Fireworks display




Career paths

You can get into a higher education institution such as universities and vocational schools, after you learn basis of Japanese language and Japanese life. We are committed to support your academic career. Our graduates get into ideal higher education institutions every year.

Also, we support you to work in Japan if condition permits.

Contact us

Please feel free to ask whenever you have questions.