About admission

Admission Requirements

You must meet all criterions below if you want to enter  regular course at our school.

  • ・You must complete or be expected to complete a 12-year curriculum or more of school education.
  • ・You must have a clear reason for study in Japan and pay expense for study abroad.
  • ・You can demonstrate Japanese language proficiency by meeting any of the following exam benchmarks(JLPT N5, J-Test Level F, NAT-TEST Level 5 etc)
  • ・You must submit a complete application for permission to acquire the status of residence.

Guidance for applicant(日本語)/(English)

This shall not apply to anyone who has visa except student visa (For example, Short-Term stay visa, family stays visa, ect)

For particulars, please apply to our office.

about Courses

〇Regular Course〇

This course is aimed at getting into a university, graduate school, or vocational school  in Japan. However, not only a study of Japanese and preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, but also, through the classes, you can learn collaboration with others, customs and manners for playing a role in Japanese society.

Regular course is devided to two courses.

■2 Years College Preparatory Course (Enrollment in April)

■1 Year and 9 months College Preparatory Course (Enrollment in July)*Tokyo School Only
■1 Year and 6 months College Preparatory Course (Enrollment in October)

〇Short-Term Course

This course is designed to meet the purpose of your study and you can study for two or three months. This is suitable for foreign residens of Japan with visa for Short-Term Stay.

Admission Procedure

Applicants submit application documents to us.

・Please pay 20,000 yen for registration fee when you send the application form.

・Please make sure that you may have to submit extra required documents depending on situation.


After we check applicants' documents, they are sent to Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.
・Documents are reviewed by the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.

Certificate of Resident Eligibility is issued from the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.
If you don't have the passport, please get it in advance.

Applicants pay their fee such as tuition

Certificate of Admission and Certificate of Resident Eligibility is issued to an applicant himself/herself or a representative.

Applicants apply for a visa issuance at the Japanese Embassy in each country.
The time required for a visa issuance varies depending on the country, district, etc.

Applicants start to arrange for study abroad
Please contact us after you decide date of entry.

Applicants go to to Japan and enter our school